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Kendall Jenner Covers LOVE Fall 2014 Issue 11 by David Sims

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Happy Birthday, Rick Wright! (July 28th, 1943 - ∞)

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July 28 - Remembering Richard Wright, born on this day 71 years ago.

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New York, February 1964

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Happy Birthday, Caiti!

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July 15 - On this day 25 years ago, Pink Floyd played from a floating stage in the Grand Canal of Venice to 200,000 people gathered in Piazza San Marco.

The concert was sponsored by the state-run RAI television network, which in turn sold broadcast rights in more than a dozen countries. The city of Venice was paid 2 million dollars to take all necessary steps to accommodate the crowds, but the preparations turned out to be woefully inadequate. Concert-goers left behind 300 tons of garbage and 500 cubic yards of cans and bottles in Piazza San Marco. The city also failed to provide enough public toilets, so fans relieved themselves wherever they could. The mistakes led to the resignations of Mayor Antonio Casellati and his city council.

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I present to you a puppy eating watermelon.

I can’t stop thinking about this

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